Terms & Conditions


All statements accompanying entries in the sales catalog are representations made by consignors and are for general information only.  World Fox Trotting Horse Sale assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any such statements.  Additional information will be provided from the auction platform immediately prior to sale of each animal and will take precedence over any written material.  Buyers, therefore, should pay strict attention to all announcements by the auctioneers and sales personnel, but should personally assure themselves in such fasjion as they may choose as to the various characteristics of any and all animals they purchase.

By entering animals for auction sale and by appearing and bidding on said animals, buyers and sellers subject themselves to rules and conditions listed in this catalog and they accept and agree to be governed by them, whether they read them or not.

Each entry will be subject to a short veterinarian inspection and his/her opinion stated.  To comply with Missouri Department of Agriculture, You must have the ORIGINAL CURRENT NEGATIVE COGGINS TEST.  Copies or faxed copies will not be accepted.  On-site Coggins Testing is now available.  A $5.00 veterinarian inspection fee will be charged for each horse.

All horses will be subject to a short inspection by the veterinarian and his/her opinion stated.  Any representation or guarantees made by any seller or seller's agent are strictly between the seller and buyer and do not in any way involve the World Fox Trotting Horse Sale.

World Fox Trotting Horse sale assumes no responsibility or liability in such matters.  If you are unhappy with the horse you purchase, our company will gladly resell the horse for you at 7% Commission.

The official Auctioneer shall be the judge of any dispute regarding bids and shall follow rules of practice established in the profession.
The highest bidder will be the buyer and if dispute arises between two or more bidders, the horse in dispute shall immediately be put up again for advance bids.  If there is no advance, the horse shall go to the person whom the auctioneer recognized as the last bid.  The Sales Management or Auctioneer is authorized to decline any bid by intoxicated or disorderly parties or by those who defaulted on former purchases or by anyone who in their judgment is not a reliable or responsible party.  These parties may also be asked to leave the sale grounds.


  1. Consignment blanks must be accompanied by the fee for the sale selected and a photocopy of the registration papers.
  2. Consignors will be paid within 10 days from day of sale.
  3. A signed Breeder's Certificate must accompany all bred mares and mares with foals at their side.
  4. The WORLD FOX TROTTING HORSE SALE and its associates act as agents only on all sales and are not responsible for buyer-seller error or misunderstanding.
  5. Any defects or bad habits must be called when horse is sold.  (Example:  Cryptoids, Cribbers, Lameness, etc.)
  6. The commission will be seven percent (7%) of the selling price. The consignor will have the privilege of No Sale (Pass Out) of his/her horse.  There is no No Sale fee.
  7. Only horses consigned to the sale will be allowed on the sale grounds.  All horses sold during and after the sale will be subject to the 7% sales commission in addition to the fee.  All consignments must go through the sale ring.  Any horse not consigned and found to be on the sale grounds will be assessed a $60.00 fee plus commission and must go through the auction at the end of the sale.  A release for this horse will not be issued unless these terms are complete.
  8. Individual current ORIGINAL Negative Coggins Test (within 12 months) is required for all horses entering the grounds.  All horses will be subject to a short veterinarian inspection and his/her opinion stated.  A $5.00 fee for said inspection will be charged for each horse.
  9. All horses must be paid for before leaving the sale grounds.  No horses will be allowed to leave the sale grounds until cleared through the office.
  10. For it to be expressly understood that in the event any buyer or seller that fails to complete any of the conditions agreed upon when consigning or buying a horse that they agree to pay all costs of collections, including court costs and a reasonable attorney fee.
  11. Any dispute as the soundness of any horse will be settled by a statement from a licensed veterinarian at the buyer's expense.